What Are The Signs Of Third Eye Opening? 3 Main Benefits



Infants are born with a third eye that is fully open.

This allows them to experience the universe’s majesty and glory.

They are able to see life fully and appreciate its wisdom and bounty from a subatomic perspective to the immensity of the galaxy.

The world’s beliefs gradually supplant an individual’s personal viewpoint as he or she grows older.

Things are conditioned by parents, instructors, supervisors, peers, and everyone else as one grows older. Layers of delusion and confusion cover the third eye, until it closes and your inner witness is blinded, leaving you blind to the world’s wonders and the wisdom that your mystic sight could have imparted.


Imagine a mother holding a stuffed teddy bear out to a child and saying, “Look at the little bear, how cute and soft he is!”

As an example of how conditioning can close the third eye and forever affect life and perception of the world, imagine a mother holding a stuffed teddy bear out to a child and saying:  “Look at the little bear, how cute and soft he is!

The youngster learns to recognize that shape and associate it with the name “teddy bear,” as well as other notions like color, size, and texture. Thus begins the child’s practice of categorizing. Reacting emotionally and physically to external suggestions, and mentally processing emotions and experiences according to how others perceive things. This, in order to replace his own impressions of the universe.

As he grows older, the child becomes increasingly removed from seeing life as it unfolds in the present moment. The pure, unfiltered experience with which he was born.

And as we grow older, the act of analyzing, comparing, assessing, and debating things with others causes us to become even more disconnected from the “Now.”

When you close the shutters on a window, very little light comes in, and the occupants within the shuttered room can only imagine what’s outside the shuttered window. As a result, they have no idea what life is like outside the shutters.

A person cannot really comprehend seeing with the third eye by simply reading about it or hearing someone else explain it. Just as it is hard to correctly describe an orange to someone who has never seen the color orange or tasted citrus.

If your third eye is open to the marvels of the natural cosmos that were exposed to you as a child, you must experience it for yourself to realize the power of perception, consciousness, and vision that can enhance and enrich your life.

But now that you’re an adult, you have the maturity to appreciate and comprehend those marvels.



To begin the Third Eye meditation, place your body in the most comfortable and relaxed position for meditation. Relax your body and mind, and let go of all external impulses and emotions.

Instruct your mind to halt its internal chattering. Command your emotions to be silent and tranquil. 

Direct your attention away from any physical discomfort or agony and toward the sound of your breathing, which cleanses you and fills you with peace.

Never blame yourself for anything during your meditation — or any meditation. For example, if you notice that your focus is moving away from the meditation, accept it without being critical of yourself and return to it.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the space between your brows. Keep your focus and attention on that area, and a point of light will appear within your inner vision field shortly.

Keep your attention on the inner light. Some people may find it helpful to elevate their eyeballs upward at a 25-degree angle while keeping their eyelids closed.

Others find that merely focusing their attention upward is easier and less distracting.

After you’ve experimented and found which strategy works best for you, stick with it. If you’re a complete newbie, putting your thumb on the outside edge of one eye and your middle finger on the outside edge of the other eye can help you focus your attention.

Allow the light to draw itself to you by remaining silent and observant. More layers of shutters will be peeled away as you open your mind to being filled with light, and the Now will be revealed to you.

You will understand that you have been fooled by outside influences into believing that you are a separate component of the world when you begin to experience the truth and reality that is the Now.

You are a part of everything, and everything is a part of you, when you open your third eye to the wonders of the universe. Inside the sublime beauty of the light and love that is now and will always be within you, the chattering in your head will ultimately fade away.

Introduction to a new way of life

You will begin to feel the liberation that comes from letting go of what was taught rather than experienced habits and reactions. You are now able to remove yourself from perceiving reality from a single perspective that has been influenced by outside factors.

Third-eye experiences help you to recognize that what you’ve always thought of as “real life” has actually been a staged show for you. Because this “real life” is just a single story, and your real life is a partnership with the universe.

The anxieties and fears you’ve been dealing with will be replaced by the joy and bliss that comes from effortlessly merging with all of creation, and in the process, discovering the true self you were born with but lost somewhere along the way.

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