Embrace Reality With 9 Simple Ways To Overcome Escapism


How to escape escapism?


Overcome Escapism, or how to escape escapism..

Understand, it’s never been easy to live, when we’re trying to escape ourselves.

Kelli Russell Agodon, Hourglass Museum

Take a look at what you’ve got going on in your life.

Is there anything you’re attempting to get away from? Perhaps a few obligations… some connections that need to be repaired... a memory from your past… a few work-related tense…

It might be as simple as exercising… The truth is, no matter how good things are in life, everyone yearns to get away at some point!

Take my word for it: we’re all escapism junkies.

It’s only that the extent to which we flee and the type of escapism we engage that differs.

So, tell me, how can you get away from reality? How do you go about it?

What is it that you are addicted to, that transports you to your own private fantasy world and makes you feel at ease? Instead of dealing with issues, the human mind prefers to pretend they don’t exist.

We begin to hunt for ways to distract us from reality and alleviate us of the tension that the situation has been bringing us. Drinking, doing drugs, being busy on social networking sites on the Internet, sleeping excessively, and so on. They’re all frequent techniques to avoid reality.

For the time being, they do uplift us by providing a nice feeling of being detached from the problem, allowing us to forget about the suffering. However, the bad news is that everything is only transitory.

Because when you wake up after a long sleep, when you have to face your boss after bunking office for a week, when you shut down your PC, when the effects of your temptations have faded and all you’re left with is a hangover, you’ll notice your problem sitting right there in front of you!

You still struggle and feel like you’re locked in a hole at the end of the day. It’s like when an ostrich buries its head in the sand when it sees danger, as if turning your head away and pretending everything is fine will make everything better.

However, this does not occur. The nice sensation begins to fade, the problem persists.

And it’s possible that things have become worse.

Escapism is defined as “the frequent diversion of the mind to purely imagined activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

It is the avoiding of reality through entertainment or living in a safe imagined world. It’s critical to recognize that not all escapism is harmful.

Escapism can take several forms, ranging from rejuvenation to obsession.


The following are some strategies for overcoming escapism and embracing reality. It should be mentioned that some of these strategies may be temporary in nature, while others will benefit you in the long run.

9 Tips To Help With Escapism


I know you’ve heard it a million times, but meditation really does help. Start with a simple exercise of sitting still for a few minutes, taking deep breaths, and noticing your breath.

Try to concentrate. Don’t worry if you start to lose focus; just focus on your breathing.

Meditation will not only help you relax, but it will also assist you in obtaining control over your thoughts.


Observe your thoughts…

When you begin meditating or (at first) sitting still for a period of time, you will undoubtedly have thoughts. A variety of ideas may pass through your mind.

Begin by examining your own ideas. Simply pay attention as each thought comes up.

It’s something to behold. Remember, there is no judging or combating it. 


Thoughts are massive. They have the power to influence the quality of our lives.

You’ll notice the ones that keep popping up when you begin to observe your thoughts. Over and over.

If they’re good, treasure them. If they’re negative, you should challenge them.

If you focus on one, it will fade away and be replaced by a new one. Allow it to flow. Let yourself go with the flow.

It’s critical to be mindful of our ideas. It will help you fulfill your full potential and find tranquility.


People live in their fantasy worlds because they find it more comforting, more tolerant, and more accepting of themselves. a place where no one can condemn them and they can live their lives as they like.

Now is the moment to plot a path from your fantasy world to reality. It’s time to accept yourself, warts and all.

Get through them. It’s acceptable to be flawed. Making mistakes is a natural part of life. It’s fine to make mistakes and then try again.

It’s not appropriate, though, to get stuck in failure and run away from things because they didn’t go as planned. Don’t be too harsh with yourself.

Accept your failures and try hard to overcome it. Allow yourself to let go of your past. All that’s required is a little forgiveness and acceptance.


Change is the only constant, as they say, therefore put it into practice and teach it! Accept that it isn’t going to work out. You’re not doing well.

Accept the changes that have occurred in your life and how they have impacted you. Have faith in life and let things happen as they should.

It’s true that it’s easier stated than done. However, life will eventually educate you to accept it the hard way.

So, why not be receptive to new ideas?


Write a diary.

Begin keeping a diary. It’s referred to as a thankfulness journal.

Make a list of things that make you happy and for which you are grateful. Make a conscious effort to be grateful on a daily basis.

Consider the positive aspects of life. Allow yourself to let go of negative thoughts.

It’s not something you can learn and master in a single day. It’ll take time and practice, but you’ll eventually achieve self-acceptance.


You have friends, siblings, or someone with whom you have a special relationship. Let them know what’s bothering you.

Someone who is sympathetic and will pay close attention to you.

Someone who has exulted after going through the same thing. Let go of the negative feelings.

You might also look for self-help groups, surf the Internet, and join groups that allow you to communicate with people who are going through similar experiences and have overcome their concerns.


This might be a challenge for you. A day without your phone.

Get rid of the Xbox. There will be no Internet access.

There will be no WhatsApping, Facebooking, or gaming. It’s difficult to stop all electronic use for a period of time in today’s world surrounded by technology, but you may at least limit it.


As I already stated, do not act as if everything is perfect. Recognize your issue and seek treatment from a professional.

Make the decision that you want to improve yourself. Take a step out of that hole and select the route to happiness.

Break the cycle of isolation by finding a therapist who understands your issues and can assist you in finding solutions.

Dealing with a problem is the greatest way to get out of it. There will be no postponement. There’s no getting around it.

Let’s face it: And believe me when I say that.. you are the best and only person to deal with it.

When you feel like running away, consider this Confucius adage. There you are, no matter where you go!

Bonus Tip: There are also some medicine you can get prescribed to you by your doctor such as Clonidine for anxiety as well as over the counter anxiety medication.

Some people even try anxiety rings with moderate to high success.



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