Negative Thoughts: 8 Steps To Get Rid Of Them

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Do you ever have negative thoughts? Thoughts that make you feel like you can’t do something. Or does that make you see life in a darker light?

It can happen that the appearance of these types of thoughts leads to a feeling of uneasiness. It is then important to take a moment to take stock of yourself.

What appears to you as bad thoughts can be an alert to your mental and emotional state. It is necessary to become aware of them before they really affect your personal or professional life. This article introduces to you 8 steps to get rid of your negative thoughts…

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Step One: Be Aware When Negative Thoughts Appear

The first step is a kind of prerequisite. It’s about learning to identify when these negative thoughts appear. It may seem trivial to you, but it can happen that they are trivialized by an emotional context that is too strong.

In these moments, you do not always realize that the negative thoughts have just appeared because you feel overwhelmed by the emotion that caused them.

It is then a matter of becoming aware of these “tipping” moments when your thoughts begin to darken… This will allow you to move on to the next steps.

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Step Two: Welcoming Negative Thoughts

Once you’ve detected when negative thoughts arise, you’ll be able to welcome them.

Are you wondering why? The answer is quite simple!

Your first instinct is probably to try to silence the thought that you consider bad. Yes, but… By doing so, you risk accentuating it. It’s a bit like telling yourself not to think about a pink elephant: usually, the opposite happens!

Therefore, rather than trying to erase negative thoughts when they come up, take a moment to say, “I recognize you, I see you and I accept you as part of myself“.

Step Three: Analyzing The Situation That Generated The Negative Thoughts

In this third step, you will be able to zoom out and look at the situation. In what context did this thought arise?

Take the time to recall with clarity what may have happened in your day until the negative thoughts in question appeared.

Don’t hesitate to write down what you have discovered in a notebook. This will eventually help you to become aware of some sort of repetitive “pattern” that may have been set up.

Sometimes the cause is obvious, for example after a separation. We have dedicated a complete article on how to fight post-separation anxiety.

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Step Four: Focus On The Emotions Behind The Negative Thoughts

Once you understand what the negative thoughts are coming from, you can move on to this fourth step. This time, it’s about taking stock of your emotions.

Ask yourself: what emotions are behind this reaction?

Fear, sadness, anger… As you have seen, every negative thought is linked to an emotion. It is therefore important to:

  • Become aware of it to be able to welcome it in turn rather than reject it outright.
  • Better understand the process that generated the negative thoughts.

Step Five: Observing Your Reactions

The fifth step is to take a moment to observe yourself:

  • How is your body reacting to the thought?
  • What are your physical feelings?
  • What actions/behaviors have you adopted?

This step will be important for two main reasons. The first is that by doing this, you will learn to listen to your body. The second is that by focusing on the facts, you will take the first step in distancing yourself from any negative thoughts you may have in your head.

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Bonus: You Can Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts Even Faster!

If you want to get rid of these negative thoughts, you may need a helping hand. Especially if these negative thoughts have had time to mature over long periods of time, several months, or even several years.

Your psyche must be healed so that you can free yourself from the weight of these thoughts. For this we have the solution: We have tested the NeuroPure Formula ourselves! It is the natural supplement of choice to regulate our mood and help fight negative thoughts.

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Step Six: Be Aware Of Your Needs

Now you can take the last step to get a complete view of what has been happening inside you until the limiting thoughts appear. You have become aware of:

  • The situation
  • Your emotions
  • The negative thoughts
  • Your reactions

You will now be able to go beyond this by identifying the need that is hidden behind it all. The situation has brought out an emotion, which has triggered thoughts and a certain reaction. The question is to understand “Why”. What triggered this emotion? What need did not get the response you were expecting?

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have all the cards in your hand to follow the last two practices!

Step Seven: Nourishing Love Within

Your nature is Love. However, your fear of lacking it can push your ego to set up certain behaviors, and certain reactions, to preserve you from this lack.

Thus, once you have accepted and understood the message transmitted by negative thoughts, the best possible response is to nourish Love within yourself.

To do this, you can, for example:

  • Keep a gratitude notebook, to put the focus on everything you love and cherish in your life.
  • Use positive and inspiring quotes to fill your daily life with love and positive vibes.
  • Create your mantra, to encourage and motivate you!

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Step Height: Set An Intention And Create Your Vision

Set the intention to not only fill your life with love but also to address for yourself the need that created the negative thoughts.

After all, who better than yourself has the power to create the life you want?

Then, still with the idea of considering your needs, and everything that matters to you, why not start to develop your Vision? Beyond answering the question “who am I” today, you could then answer the question “Whom do I want to be“.

Negative thoughts are often a way to communicate your need to refocus on yourself. Take a proactive approach to improve your wellbeing and balance. And remember, this process takes time, but it also takes commitment.

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