Before Buying Read These Top 17 Fidget Toys For Adults First

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Fidget Toys for Anxiety

Fidget toys have gained enormous popularity recently as a means of enhancing focus, lowering restlessness, and controlling anxiety thanks to the fidget spinner craze.

Stress hormones increase in response to anxiety, which can result in extra, typically stored, energy. You’re more prone to fidget if you don’t have anywhere to release that energy.

You could fiddle with your hair, bounce your knee, bite your nails, or fold and unfold your arms, for instance.

You have a place to focus that energy with fidget toys. The brain is diverted by this, which could reduce anxiety and increase focus. While many people vouch for them, experts are divided over their efficacy.

How do fidget toys work?

Considering that fidget toys aren’t actually typical toys, the term can be a little misleading. Instead, they are inconspicuous, little objects made specifically to channel tense energy.

Although the fidget spinner may be the most popular fidget toy, there are other types as well:

  • Fidget cubes
  • Chewable jewelry
  • Rings
  • Keychains
  • Kneadable dough

Are fidget toys able to reduce anxiety?

Using fidget toys can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Disordered hyperactivity and attention deficit (ADHD)
  • Overall stress reduction

But whether they genuinely work is still up for debate from a scientific perspective.

According to a Reliable Source, fidgeting can temporarily reduce tension and may improve focus and attention. However, a smaller 2018 study suggests they might really be a distraction, particularly for young people.

Despite this, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence that fidget toys are useful. In other words, a lot of individuals who struggle with anxiety recommend them, and there is something to be said about direct knowledge.

Picks for the top fidget toys for anxiety from Healthline

Best portable toys

Looking for a distraction during your commute or as you wait for an appointment?

These practical choices can be tucked away in a purse or even in your pocket.

1. Coogam Qiyi Speed Cube Bundle

Compared to some fidget toys, this miniature Rubik’s Cube could require a little more effort. But if you’re a sucker for puzzles, it ought to satisfy.

Be aware that some reviewers find this tiny version to be a little uncomfortable for larger hands.

2. Tom’s Fidgets Original Flippy Chain

Two stainless steel split rings and two tiny sections of bike chain are included in the Tom’s Fidgets Original Flippy Chain, which allows for quiet and covert fidgeting.

Small silicone bands are included to give it more substance. It can withstand a lot of use because it is composed of bike chain links.

You can put this flippy chain in your pocket. To prevent losing it, several reviewers advise placing it on a keychain.

3. Möbii Fidget Ball

This choice is constructed from slick, interlocking rings. If you like different textures, caressing the rings could help you relax.

Whether you stroke or rotate the rings, or simply spin the ball in your hand, this toy’s diminutive size may make it ideal for calm fidgeting with one hand.

Due to its small size and potential choking hazard for younger children, the Möbii Fidget Ball is advised for children 13 years of age and older.

4. JOEYANK Infinity Fidget Cube

You may spin the eight smaller cubes that make up this aluminum cube to create a variety of shapes and arrangements.

According to reviews, this JOEYANK fidget toy is substantial enough to give it a sturdy feel without being cumbersome.

It may not be the best choice for an extremely quiet area because it can create a little noise when in use.

Best office ware

These choices are a little bigger and would look better on your desk. Some of them can also be used to create stylish decorations.

5. Desk sculpture by Spoley

A magnetic base and 220 tiny magnetic balls are included with this SPOKEY desk play. You place the balls in various configurations on top of the base. Use it when you need to relax or calm racing thoughts while taking a break from work.

Keep it out of children’s reach because the tiny balls present a choking hazard.

6. Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

Zen gardens frequently have areas of gravel or sand that guests can rake to encourage meditation. Having a little replica nearby can make it simpler to take a break and concentrate on something relaxing if you start to feel stressed.

7. Euler’s Disk by Toysmith

You rotate the disk while placing it on the mirror to operate the toy. The disk spins continually, changing colors into patterns and humming as it accelerates.

This Toysmith Euler’s Disk makes some noise, so it might not be the best choice for extremely quiet workplaces. Additionally, you might want to skip this one if you are sensitive to light in any way.

8. COFFLED Newton’s Cradle

A metal frame supports spheres that hang from a traditional Newton’s cradle. You start a pendulum effect by bringing one ball back and letting it go. The relaxing impact of seeing the balls move can be felt.

When using this fidget gadget, bear in mind that the spheres click when they make contact.

9. EASTBULL Useless Box

Despite not being a standard fidget toy, the EASTBULL Useless Box can help you escape from unsettling or uncomfortable ideas.

You need to put in two AA batteries for it to work, then you turn a switch to open the box. When the box opens, a device emerges to turn off the switch, which causes the lid to close on its own.

The cycle continues each time the switch is flipped.

Top jewelry

When you’re on the go or attempting to be discrete, fidget jewelry might be a terrific solution to help ease anxiousness.

10. Sac Silver Fidget Ring

Worry rings, sometimes known as spinner rings, function similarly to fidget spinners. They consist of two layered bands, one of which is attached to your finger and the other of which you can rotate.

Spinner rings come in a range of designs and hues. This one is adaptable, unisex, and reasonably priced. It’s also constructed of sterling silver, so after a few uses, it won’t tint your finger green.

11. Steel Lynx Customer Möbii Necklace

The pendant of this necklace is made out of smooth, intertwined rings, just like the Möbii Fidget Ball at the top of our list. You can select your favorite color from a range of options or even create a bespoke design by combining several hues.

According to reviews, this fidget necklace offers a quiet, covert way to fidget at school, work, or home, making it suitable for adults and kids old enough for jewelry.

12. Goda Acupressure rings

These Goda Acupressure Massage Rings can be used as excellent fidget toys in addition to their intended purpose of strategically stimulating pressure spots on your fingertips.

To relieve stress and receive a massage, slide it up and down your finger.

13. ARK Krypto Bite Chewable Gem Necklace

When feeling anxious, some people may chew objects like pen caps, fingers, and shirt collars. A discrete solution that you can use almost anyplace, a chewable necklace provides some sensory input that may be comforting for some.

While being sturdy enough for kids, the ARK Krypto Bite Chewable Gem Necklace is smart enough for adults.

It is comprised of medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a more resilient variety of rubber than silicone. It is fully free of phthalates, BPA, heavy metals, and latex.

Best suited for a classroom

Some students may find that having fidget toys around the classroom helps them cope with stress and anxiety.

14. Solace Fidget Chair Kick Bands

Kick bands, also known as resistance bands, may be beneficial for anyone who, when feeling worried or upset, has a tendency to shake their feet or kick the legs of chairs, tables, or desks.

Reviewers note that they are largely silent and that they attach to the chair legs.

15. Panny and Mody Chewable Pencil Toppers

For people with anxiety, chewing may provide a peaceful approach to release tension and stress.

These chewable Panny & Mody pencil toppers are constructed of 100% food-grade silicone, which is fully safe and free of phthalate and bisphenol A (BPA).

To provide various sensations, the pencil toppers feature various textures, including huge studded bumps and tiny rounder bumps. Just watch out for kids sharing them and spreading disease.

16. Tangle Therapy Relax Toy

Because it makes no noise, the Tangle is a well-liked fidget toy for classrooms and other peaceful settings. It consists of interconnected, curved components that may be bent, disassembled, twisted, and reassembled.

Reviews indicate that both kids and adults can benefit from it. The item might be peaceful and amusing for kids. Teenagers and senior citizens may find it relaxing or relieving of tension.

Numerous reviews claim that using this fidget toy helps them control their anxiety, PTSD, and other distressing symptoms.

A more portable version called The Tangle Jr. can be useful in the classroom or while traveling.

Excellent senory toy

Due to sensory overload, those who are sensitive to sound or light may experience tension or anxiety. Distress can also be brought on by insufficient sensory input. Sensory fidget toys can help with that.

17. The Squeeze Aromatherapy dough

Adult play dough, often known as stress-relief dough, is very similar to the stuff you played with as a child.

The 100% pure lavender essential oil utilized in our The Squeeze product, on the other hand, can aid in fostering emotions of serenity.

The advantages are dual: Similar to how a stress ball works, squeezing and kneading the dough may help lower stress and anxiety. Lavender also provides calming benefits through aromatherapy.


Toys for fidgeting can come in handy when feeling stressed or anxious.

Although there is some disagreement on their effectiveness, there is no proof that they would worsen your symptoms, so if you’re interested in them, they are worth a try.