The 12 Fidget Toys To Buy If You Have Anxiety – Or Not?

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Fidget Toys for Reducing Anxiety

The best toys to squeeze, spin, or play with to relax, for both adults and children.

Kids who need to burn off some excess energy or who are experiencing anxiety symptoms continue to like fidgeting toys, which range from the omnipresent spinners to an entire galaxy of brilliantly colored popping toys.

However, adults can also benefit from fidget toys:

Fidget toys can help individuals who are experiencing anxiety, whether they are on a never-ending Zoom call, worrying in the doctor’s waiting room, or just need something to stop them from biting their nails.

How do fidget toys work?

You can hold fidget toys in your hands to keep your fingers occupied and manage your stress. Fidget toys come in a wide variety, including the following:

  • Jewelry
  • Cubes
  • Spinners
  • Stability aids
  • Keychains
  • Consumables such as straws or necklaces
  • Other items having a calming texture, such sand or putty

There are many adults who swear by fidgets as well.

Despite the fact that they are frequently advised for youngsters with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, or who simply need a little extra help self-soothing.

In fact, according to Judy Roth, LCSW, a therapist who deals with children with special needs, they have grown in popularity significantly during the past few stressful years.

We’ve got a lot of uncertainty, and that’s what anxiety thrives on, she adds.

Do fidget toys actually reduce anxiety?

The benefits of fidget toys for mental health are currently not well supported by scientific research.

But as anyone who has ever fiddled with their clothing’s zipper or pocket change will attest, having a tangible object to concentrate on does appear to assist move any nervous energy from your brain to your fingers.

With 15 years of expertise investigating and evaluating toys and other parenting goods.

Chief Technologist and Executive Technical Director of the Housekeeping Org David Faber says,

“We use sensory input to help ground ourselves.” “Fidgets can be excellent tools for keeping us calm and in control in a non-obtrusive way.”

According to occupational therapist Mary Fisher,

“Self-regulation is a skill that takes years to learn in the growing and developing brain of a kid, and many adults still need external tools to help with self-regulation as well.”

Due to the repetitive, rhythmical movements that cause slower breathing and overall tranquility.

Fidgets are a therapeutic and practical approach for both kids and adults to organize themselves, stay focused, and reduce anxiety.

What to take into account when selecting a fidget toy:

Since there are so many different types of fidget toys, there are a few things to keep in mind as you browse the selection to pick the perfect fidget for you or your child.

  • Needs: Whether you’re looking for a toy that can sit on your desk while you work, something discrete that you can hold in your hand during class, or something portable that you can carry around in your purse, take into account your or your child’s behaviors and inclinations when choosing a suitable toy.
  • Safety: Fisher suggests avoiding any toys with protruding prongs and sharp edges. Safety and toughness, she believes, are essential. Check the recommended age range before purchasing anything for a youngster, and avoid anything with easily ingestible little parts. If you have a pet, watch out for any small objects that a dog or cat might try to eat.
  • Cost: Fidget toys can range in price from $1 to $30 or more for visually appealing things intended to be displayed on your desk.

Our editors tried out a number of popular fidgets themselves in order to determine the finest ones, and we also asked some knowledgeable parents and experts to give their picks.

Finally, we double-checked favorable feedback and ratings from web reviews.

More information about our top selections for the best fidget toys to keep in your desk, purse, or pocket is available here:

1. Adults’ Top Fidget Toys / Magnetic Putty AIEWEV

Not only did our tester adore the little, smooth magnetic stones’ tactile sensation (“It’s like slime without the mess”).

But she also commented that the crunching sound they made as she handled them had a calming ASMR feeling.

Note: Because the bits might be quite deadly if swallowed, this one is strictly for adults.

2. BEST Gesticulator For Young Children / NUTTY TOYS / Box Pops (8 Pack)

If you have young children, these vibrant plastic tubes that twist and connect will occupy their tiny hands while you prepare dinner or perhaps complete a small amount of work.

They are beneficial for enhancing fine motor abilities as well.

3 .FIDGET FLIP TOY OFFER / T.O.M.’S GEAR / Chain Flipper Fidget Toy

Fans of this tiny gadget claim it has kept their hands occupied and even helped them quit smoking or biting their nails.

It is nothing more than a few bolts and rings attached for flipping and spinning.

Because of its diminutive size, smaller children are not advised to use it.


Sand-playing, whether on the beach or a play table, has long been known to be calming to children. However, this sandbox was made for adults.

Keep it nearby so that you can roll a rock through the sand or let it slide through your fingers if the tension of work becomes too much.

5. Best sensory pacifier / The toy shop in Mtty / Aaron’s Crazy Putty Color

One can feel calmer by manipulating a substance with a calming texture.

Although admittedly more expensive than other putties, this multicolored goo is liked by people of all ages and was created for children.

As you touch, squeeze, or stretch it, it produces a pleasurable squish.

We are aware of several adults who keep a tin of it nearby to help them relax when they feel stressed.

6. Best fidget toys for classroom / BRAINWRIGHT / The Gyrings Fidget Toy

This vibrant fidget spinner was created by a 12-year-old boy who needed something to keep him focused in class.

It features rings that can pop on and off.

7. Best fidget toy squeeze / SPEKS / Silicone Stress Ball for Blots

This silicone stress ball has a color and texture that we really like.

Squeeze it as you sit through an irritating video chat or even under the desk if your lengthy meeting is in person.

It fits exactly in your hand and delivers a satisfying squish.

8. Best Fidget Toy for Travel / DIMPL SIMPL / Keychain Simpl Dimpl

This toy, which is made of vibrant silicone, is simple to put in your pocket or on your child’s bag.

It is praised for its irresistible button pop movement, which occupies the hands of children and restless adults for hours.

9. PERFECT JEWELRY FIDGET TOY / MILACOLATO / Fidget Ring in Sterling Silver

Although there are many different types of fidget rings available, we choose this one for its straightforward yet functional design.

When your fingers need a little stimulation, you can spin the orbit of beads in the ring, which is available in sizes 4 to 10.

Our acquaintance’s mother originally purchased it for herself, but her teenage son found it to be so relaxing that he began wearing it as well.

10. POPPING FIDGET TOY OFFER / Venture JSC / Fidget toys Pop It

These vintage popping toys have a charming space-explorer style that we adore.

Although there is a game involved and they are intended for children, no one will look down on you if you have these cheerful characters on your desk.

11. THE BEST SPINNING FIDGET / NEXTAKE / Stress-relieving Wooden Spiral Lollipop Toy

You can keep this colorful, interesting wooden toy on your desk as a work of art since it spins as you rub it in your hands.

It is soothing for your eyes and hands to see the shape alter as the pieces spin through the air.


Grab one of these vibrant balls, which come in a pair of firm and soft varieties so you can choose the one that best suits your anxiety level.

When your employer wants you to revise that report once again or when your in-laws make a comment about your parenting style.

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