The Top 10 Best Trackers For Reducing Anxiety And Stress

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Trackers to reduce stress and anxiety

This article about the rising stress levels in modern society is definitely not the first you’ve read, but it might be the first on trackers for stress and anxiety.

Stress is your body’s way of reacting to any form of demand or threat by releasing a stream of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which awaken the body for immediate action.

Stress is an inevitable fact of life. This is advantageous in the near run. It may harm your health over the long term.

Why lessen your stress?

Stress, which is referred to as the “Epidemic of the twenty-first century,” can actually keep you vigilant and prepared to prevent harm.

When someone is continuously challenged without any reprieve or downtime, it becomes negative.

This may have detrimental effects on your health, including headaches, exhaustion, sleeping issues, digestive issues, high blood pressure, heart illnesses, aging, and obesity.

Stress is worse and harder to recuperate from the longer it lasts, both physically and mentally.

More than two thirds of doctor appointments are for ailments connected to stress. In the United States, the cost of medical care alone has been calculated to be far over $1 billion annually.

In order to defend themselves from predators and other dangers, our ancient ancestors created a natural reaction. Fortunately, you’re not very likely to get eaten by a wild animal these days.

But despite this, you still face daily struggles like reaching deadlines, paying expenses, and commuting to work, which could cause your body to respond similarly. Still present is the instinct.

The top wearables for reducing stress

Tracking physical activity is often the major objective of wearable technologies.

But an increasing number of gadgets are attempting to assess your mental condition. Reducing your stress may not only improve your immediate well-being but also safeguard your long-term health.

In the future, such technologies will be included into commonplace items. For instance, the future vehicle seat was demonstrated a few years ago.

It has the ability to automatically identify the traveler’s tension and sleepiness.

This enables it to execute appropriate countermeasures, such as changing the air flow in the vehicle’s ventilation system or applying a massaging pattern, if necessary.

Here is our selection of the most intriguing gadgets that make calm-inducing claims.

It’s important to remember that although this sector is relatively young, research have proven that such gadgets can aid with stress management.

1. Spire

It’s a little gray stone that feels good in the hand, has a Zen-like quality, and comes with a lovely cork charging plate. You may fasten it to your bra or belt, so get ready to find a new way to relax.

The Spire Stone is a personal breathing sensor developed by a team of scientists at Stanford and recipient of the 2014 National Hewitt Design Award.

Unlike fitness equipment focused on exercise, it monitors breathing patterns and movement to provide guidance for mental and emotional health.

Diaphragmatic breathing lowers stress levels, according to studies. The design of the actual item is exquisite. On one side, it resembles a river stone, and the back has a metal clip.

Furthermore, the Qi wireless charging is amazing. If you forget to take it off your clothes before washing them, Spire has enough juice to last almost a week.

It can measure your breathing while you wear it on your belt or bra. In our review of the product, we discovered that the smartphone app is made to help you live a calmer, more productive day.

It alerts you when your breathing signals tension, offers daily and weekly reports on your mental health, and includes audio exercises to help you breathe more deeply and achieve a calmer state of mind.

The extra feature of Spire is the ability to track steps and calories burnt. Even personalized reminders that alert you when you’ve been inactive for too long can be put up.

Best qualities

  • Tracks that are pleasant to use and inconspicuous
  • Three distinct breathing styles
  • Fantastic daily summaries
  • Offer customisable vibration and frequency.
  • Guided meditations

In conclusion: No other tracker on the market measures what Spire does. Particularly if you are interested in technology and mindfulness, the device has received a lot of positive feedback and is reasonably priced.

2. Muse

A headset-like device called Muse 2 makes the claim to be the first in the world to provide real-time feedback on your brain’s activity while you are meditating.

Seven EEG sensors placed around your scalp are used by the device to passively detect changes in your brain from outside of your head.

The headband tracks your mental activity while you are meditating and converts it into sound that you can hear. You’ll be able to hear the sound of calm weather when you’re at ease.

Muse 2 will gently nudge you back to calm whenever she notices your thoughts starting to stray by making the weather noises louder.

So Muse 2 allows you to hear your own thoughts while meditating, which helps you get better.

Additionally, Muse 2 attaches a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to track your body’s motion and breathing in addition to your brain activity.

In our assessment, we discovered that the sensors performed as expected and that the app did a decent job of measuring our advancement over time.

Best qualities

  • Portable and simple to use
  • Impartial biofeedback
  • Now tracks respiration, heartbeat, and stillness
  • Aids concentration
  • App monitors development

In conclusion: This headband was created to make meditation more engaging. It’s very amazing to see as the changes in your body or mind are instantly reflected through noises.

This is the headset to choose if you’re seeking for a biofeedback meditation device.

3. Flowtime

A biosensing meditation headband is called Flowtime. It resembles the Muse headband in certain ways. Both let you view the activity taking place inside your brain.

However, Flowtime gives you real-time information on your brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, relaxation, zen, attentiveness, and pressure level, whereas Muse sort of “gamifies” meditation.

This information will help you determine how well you are doing.

Two-channel EEG acquisition technology is included in the hardware. This has the advantage of allowing for the division of left and right hemisphere brainwave energy.

The software analyzes all of this data and lets you know when you’ve reached a state of meditation. The program also includes courses to aid with your daily growth.

Best features

  • Give you real-time information while you are meditating
  • Abundance of data
  • Encourages you to unwind.

In conclusion: this is a fantastic choice for those who desire a profound understanding of what is going on inside their minds.

It provides thorough, empirical statistics to show you how successfully you are entering the alpha/theta state.

4. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 main device, one of the most well-known fitness trackers in the world, does much more than just measure your steps and calories.

The capability for measuring your health and fitness includes Guided Breathing Sessions as well. Your body and mind will both be calmed by this calming mindfulness exercise.

You have the option of a 2 or 5 minute session.

The Charge 4 calculates a comfortable breathing rate for you using PurePulse technology and your real-time heart rate to evaluate your heart rate variability (changes in your heart rate from beat to beat).

Then it leads you gradually into a state of relaxation. You may align each breath and exhalation with the instructions by watching the biofeedback and animations on the screen.

Charge 4 fulfills all requirements

Apart from that, the Charge 4 fulfills all requirements for the typical person looking for a reliable activity tracker.

The watch features a large OLED screen, continuous heart rate monitoring (including resting heart rate), and activity tracking. Even a GPS system is included in.

The device will soon receive a significant update in the shape of a 24-hour stress tracking capability.

This will incorporate your sleep and activity data with data from the heart rate sensor (resting heart rate and heart rate variability, which have been found to correlate with stress levels).

An overall stress score that ranges from 0 to 100 will be the outcome. The latter is what you should strive towards.

Additionally, this divides the Score into three categories: responsiveness, exertion balance, and sleep patterns.

The first of them assesses if you are exhibiting a fight-or-flight response, while the second and third are self-explanatory.

Anyone with a free 7-day trial of Premium can access the most recent seven days of data. Owners of Premium Subscriptions receive far more data, including insights and long-term trends.

Best qualities

  • One of the top fitness bands
  • GPS that you can get for people who like to workout outside
  • Breathing exercises
  • 24/7 stress monitoring capability

In conclusion: Fitbit devices did not track stress for a very long period. Everything is altering.

Because it is effective at what it does, the Charge 4 is among the most well-liked fitness trackers in the world. With stress tracking, it is now more effective than ever.

5. Apple Watch

The best wristwatch you can purchase right now is without a doubt the Apple Watch Series 3.

There isn’t any actual rivalry. There are other, better options available if you’re looking for a sports or fitness watch.

The Aple Watch’s most recent model has an always-on, edge-to-edge retina display. When you tap or raise your wrist, it shines brightest; when you do the opposite, it dims.

The device can detect falls, issue high/low heart rate alarms, check for atrial fibrillation, and has the much-discussed ECG sensor in terms of health and fitness.

You naturally receive all the wonderful features of the previous iterations, such as GPS, all-day heart rate, and more.

The Apple Watch can aid in your stress reduction in addition to reminding you to stand and move around during the day.

It will advise you to use the Breathe app for one minute of meditation, relaxation, and concentration. This will lead you through several deep breaths and serve as a reminder to unwind each day.

You can set the length of your breaths, and the animation and light taps will aid with concentration.

Best qualities

  • The top smartwatch available
  • Breathing techniques for calming down
  • A plethora of other fitness and health functionality

In conclusion: Overall, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Apple Watch.

The device, which is currently in its sixth version, is loaded with fitness and wellness capabilities. You have a winning combination when you add great design and a ton of apps.

 6. Bellabeat Urban, Natural, and Leaf Chakra

This well-liked line of jewelry is intended to monitor the health of women. Leaf Chakra, Nature, and Urban are included in the three versions.

You can clip them to any article of clothing as a fashionable accessory or wear them as a necklace or bracelet with Leaf accessories or stuff you already own.

Simply decide what best reflects your personal style at any given time.

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry gather information about you and offer useful suggestions for daily routine adjustments that will make you feel your best.

Through the smartphone app, this includes information on breathing, sleep, activity, and monthly cycles. Because the sensors are concealed inside the wood shell, the aesthetic is soft and natural.

Additionally, the wearables have excellent stress tracking capabilities. Simply attach a clip to the side of your waistband to begin measuring the abdominal movements caused by breathing.

Choose the breathing exercise you want to do on the app, and then try to perform it as precisely as you can.

Best attributes

  • Created for women
  • Highly popular
  • Tracks breathing
  • Relaxingexercises
  • Uses a changeable coin cell battery and requires no charging.

In conclusion: This is a selection of feminine linked wearables that are appealing. You can pick from a variety of styles for this wonderful present for a loved one.

The intelligence of every gadget in the range is essentially the same. If you don’t want a conventional fitness tracker or wristwatch, the gadget can catch your attention.

7. Garmin Vivosmart 4

The most recent model of Garmin’s Vivosmart line has a blood oxygen sensor and monitors your body’s energy levels. Apart from that, you receive essentially all you require for continuous activity monitoring.

Vivosmart 4 can measure your oxygen saturation levels at night thanks to the oxygen sensor. Although Garmin won’t make a diagnosis, this may be useful to detect sleep disorders like apnea.

Throughout the day, you may also check your oxygen levels whenever you want.

Body Battery helps you decide whether to push yourself and when to take it easy by combining stress, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, and activity data.

When users are not moving, the device measures heart-rate variability as part of that round-the-clock monitoring, which it utilizes to compute and assess stress levels.

Through deep breathing exercises, you can have calming mindfulness experiences that will make you worry-free. The smartphone app offers access to a longer timeframe of stress levels.

Garmin has begun incorporating its stress monitoring technology into some of its sports watches and other fitness trackers.

The Vivosport and Vivoactive 3 and 4 are its smallest fitness bands to date. The premium Fenix 6 and the newest generation of Forerunner watches will also aid in your relaxation.

There is essentially something for everyone, regardless of their interest in sports, thanks to the Venu range as well.

Best qualities

  • Slim and light in weight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Features for comprehensive stress tracking
  • Bouts of soothing dee breathing
  • Fantastic fitness monitor

In conclusion: This is a good-quality, feature-rich fitness band. The majority of what a casual user needs for 24/7 activity monitoring, including stress tracking, is readily available.

Because Garmin has extensive expertise creating such products, you can be sure the data is correct.

8. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit’s second smartwatch is called Versa. This watch prioritizes fitness when it comes to features.

The Versa line of Fitbit devices includes all the standard features as well as the ability to track real-time statistics for a variety of activities, including swimming.

On the stunning AMOLED touchscreen, you can monitor all of this in real time. The inclusion of built-in GPS is a significant update for the third generation.

As a result, you are no longer required to carry your phone around to track your outdoor exercise via satellite.

Of course, Versa also includes Fitbit’s Relax feature, the stress-relieving exercise. To maintain a calmer state of mind, the tracker suggests a customized breathing pattern.

This can be useful in the morning as you get ready for the day, before a crucial meeting or event in the middle of the day, or in the evening as you unwind before bed.

Versa 3 will now have Fitbit’s stress tracking feature, just like Charge 4. The software update is anticipated to begin spreading soon.

Best qualities

  • A reasonable price for a great fitness watch
  • Beautiful screen
  • Stress tracking
  • Breathing exercises
  • Built-in GPS is available.

In conclusion: The Fitbit Versa is a great device overall. When it comes to activity tracking, the devices cover all the essentials.

Along with all the other great functionality, there is now extensive stress tracking. Versa 3 is a tempting purchase if you’re looking for a fitness watch that tracks your stress.

9. Fitbit Sense

For those who want the best that Fitbit has to offer, there is Fitbit Sense. Although its build is similar to that of the Versa, it has some additional intelligence.

Electrodermal activity (EDA) sensors are one of them. This gadget measures the moisture content of the skin.

To estimate your stress, Sense combines this information with information from your activity and sleep, the heart rate sensor, and other sources.

Of course, Fitbit’s breathing exercises are also included with the wearable.

Beyond that, the device has all the features you would expect from a health watch, such as an ECG, blood oxygen tracking, and skin temperature variation monitoring.

This is something to keep in mind because longer-term trends and some insights are hidden behind a Premium Subscription.

Best qualities

  • Complete Fitbit health and fitness tracking system
  • Comprehensive stress management
  • Tracking of skin temperature, SpO2, ECG, and a host of other metrics
  • Built-in GPS.

In conclusion: Sense is the Fitbit with the most features you can purchase. Additionally, it is the only product in the company’s line to have an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor built in for tracking stress.

It becomes a much more serious medical device as a result.

10. Pip

This drop-shaped device is a biosensor that detects electrodermal activity (EDA), the electrical alterations at the skin’s surface, in order to provide a stress response indicator.

The PIP iOS and Android apps receive this information via Bluetooth, which is then used to externalize your body’s shifting stress levels through audio and visual feedback.

The electrical characteristics of our skin change as a result of the continuous fluctuation in your stress levels, which can occur in fractions of a second.

Your fingertips’ skin serves as an especially sensitive indicator.

Two gold-plated sensors are part of Pip, which the user holds between the thumb and forefinger.

The device monitors stress levels and feeds information into an app eight times per second. You can connect to a variety of apps that offer a platform for stress-relieving activities.

Best qualities

  • Stress levels and measure stress by looking at your skin’s condition.
  • Teaches you stress management techniques
  • Enables you to view your degree of stress

In conclusion: Something for people who don’t want wrist-mounted devices. Pip is a covert wearable that tracks your stress levels and teaches you how to relax.


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