Read This Before You Buy The 18 Gifts Anxiety For Kids

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Every kid struggles with anxiety from time to time. seeing a scary movie, hearing a terrifying news report, or hearing a buddy tell you a ghost story.

When I was a child, the shadows in our basement used to terrify me, and when I had to go down into the laundry room alone, I could feel the terror rising in my throat. Anxiety like this in young children is common.

But if you’re a parent of a child who suffers from genuine anxiety that interferes with every aspect of their life, you know that it can be challenging.


Here are some of the finest remedies I’ve discovered for anxious kids:

Functional Gifts for Anxious Children

When it comes to Christmas and birthday presents, I like to fill my kids’ stockings with useful but entertaining things. Your child’s anxiousness will be reduced by these entertaining items, which are also nice to use.

1. Light-Up Cup

A Light-Up Cup Around bedtime, my daughter’s anxiousness reaches a peak.

We have a nightlight in the room, and my husband normally lounges there reading and checking email until she nods out. But forget it if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Because everyone is asleep, she becomes agitated and walks around in the dark, thinking that she has been abandoned. The illuminated cup has prevented numerous nighttime meltdowns.

She has a nightlight that she can bring into my room through the dark hallway, as well as drink, which is sometimes all she needs to fall back asleep. She adores it to the fullest, and we intend to buy one for each child.

2. Chewigem

This year, I had really planned to shove a handful of them inside each of my kids’ stockings so they would have something to fidget with and Chewigem on other than their clothes or fingers.

My kids adore the raindrop pendants that we have. I currently use it for my six-year-old and have plans to purchase pendants for our son, daughter, and teething toddler who also seems to be a big fan of pirates.

3. Sound Machine

We’ve always had a ton of sound machines and white noise generators in our bedrooms and the bedrooms of the kids. We’ve tried a few different kinds, and we finally settled on a Marpac DOHM-DS for each bedroom.

They have survived two moves and numerous drops. My kids’ rooms always have the same whooshing noise playing in the background, and it truly calms them down at night.

4. Night light

We recommended keeping WEWILL 18″ Nightlights in our children’s rooms. We actually present them with a few choices. An adorable light-up teddy animal is one of them.

It’s difficult not to find anything that your kids will like when there are so many entertaining possibilities.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

We maintain an BriteLeafs essential oil diffuser in the children’s rooms, and we bought this one for them last year because it was reasonably priced, had positive reviews, and had a nightlight that could be left on all night.

Even after the oils had finished diffusing. Our preferred scents to diffuse at night are Roman chamomile, lavender, and cedarwood.

Fun presents for anxious kids

Sometimes a comforting object or a toy that is enjoyable to play with while away from home or school will enough to calm an anxious child. Take a look at some of these ideas…

6. Weighted Toy or Blanket

The Weighted Blanket they make you feel safe and loved for a great night’s sleep and the UOOZII Pink Elephant Stuff Animals provides a soothing sensory experience.

My kid adores the sense of security she experiences when covered in anything with weight. Meeting sensory demands can ease anxiety, which frequently coexists with sensory difficulties.

Think about giving a special child a weighted companion, sleeping bag, or portable lap pad.

7. Bed Tent

Last year, we purchased our two worried children one really cheap Pacific Play Tent each, and it was a big hit with each of them. They have a calming place to retreat to at night and during stressful times.

To read and unwind when necessary, they each have a clip-on book light inside.

8. Swing in a hammock

This is a comfortable hiding place, swing, and reading nook all in one. This Seasofbeauty Kids Child Pod Swing Chair has been on our wishlist for a while, but I don’t have it.

9. Pocket Friends

Both of my anxious kids travel with Magic Cabin Mini Posable Waldorf in their pockets. One of them always carries an action figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his pocket, ready to go on adventures wherever we go.

However, he has switched to carrying a speedcube because it makes for a wonderful conversation starter when he starts spouting forth solutions.

He also enjoys the shocked stares he receives wherever we go because to his new shape-shifting X-Cube. My daughter adores miniature dolls and animals. She carries them around with her everywhere.

10. Zuru Tangle

The ultimate puzzles for relaxation are called Zuru Tangles. They may be attached to one another for limitless fidgeting pleasure, are quiet, and available in a range of designs (classic, metallic, crazy, or glitter).

The shapes, colors, and textures aid folks who need to move their body to focus as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

I keep a few in my purse that I’ve had for a while in case we find ourselves waiting unexpectedly, but this year I’m stuffing each of the kids’ stockings with the new ones we got that you can buy at Toys “R” Us or Walmart for about $5.

Books for Kids Who Feel Anxious

For us, books are a staple of every gift-giving occasion. Whatever the occasion, we like discussing great books with friends and family.

11. How to Deal with Excessive Worry

This interactive self-help book is intended to walk parents and children aged 6 to 12 through the cognitive-behavioral approaches that are most frequently used to treat generalized anxiety.

This What to Do When You Worry Too Much book informs, inspires, and gives kids the tools they need to act toward change in an easy-to-understand, entertaining, and engaging way.

12. Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

This entertaining and lighthearted book tackles the issue of anxiety in a way that appeals to kids of all ages.

The Wilma Jean The Worry Machine it provides innovative methods that parents, guardians, and educators can employ to minimize the severity of anxiety.

Giving kids the tools they need to feel more in control of their worry is the book’s main objective.

A worry cap is presented for concerns about the weather or other factors that are out of anyone’s control. For Wilmas of all ages, a pleasant read!

13. What to do When You’re Scared and Worried

Children experience anxieties and phobias, just like adults, ranging from a fear of spiders to panic attacks. Kids can consult this What to Do When You’re Scared book for suggestions, assurance, and guidance.

They will understand the origins of their fears and worries, how to use fear chasers and worry erasers, and how to get assistance with particularly challenging anxieties that they are unable to address on their own.

14. The Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids

Anxiety and worry are significant issues affecting kids today.

Children fret about passing classes, making friends, dealing with peer pressure, resolving family issues, performing well in sports, or relocating.

They are concerned about both actual threats, such as terrorism, disease, and kidnapping, as well as imagined ones, like monsters or the dark.

The Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids is a cutting-edge skill-building method for empowering kids to manage their worry. It’s more like a game than a book.

The Tool Kit encourages kids to stop thinking about the worst-case scenarios, think clearly and forcefully, quit second-guessing themselves, and relax their bodies and brains.

15. The David and the Worry Beast

David was obsessed with the shot he had missed at the buzzer to win the major game. He was afraid he might repeat the action. He was concerned that he would infuriate his teammates.

He feared his folks wouldn’t be pleased with him. He was also anxious about a math test that was coming up. In actuality, David was very anxious.

Should I leave the team, he thought to himself. Should I miss the math test tomorrow because I’m sick? Fortunately, David was able to confide in his parents and the school nurse.

Who both offered him encouragement and methods for taming the “anxiety beast” inside of him.

16. Worry! Worry! Go Away!

The Worry Worry Go Away, all kids experience worries. Helping children understand what worry is, where it comes, from and how to challenge it, is the first step in overcoming anxieties.

These elfin characters will aid your youngster in overcoming any worries that he or she may be having, even though children shouldn’t have to worry.

17. Nervous Nellie

What if? What if? What if? Nellie worries about boarding a train, a plane, making friends at school, and many other things. Dr. Nofear assists Nellie as she sets out on a path to conquer her anxiety.

18. From Worrier to Warrior

There are two versions of the book: one for young readers and the other for their worried parents. They are both excellent and well worth your time and money. Dr. Danny Peteurs understands how anxious children feel and how to support them.

There are so many wonderful tools available to assist our nervous children, but we must be aware of their needs and offer them gifts that have multiple uses.

Do you have any other wonderful present suggestions for the young worry-warts in your life? Please share them with me.